Chapter 33

Translator : humbletroll

Editor         : HDGGXIN

Translation of the food part is a bit messy since I am a vegetarian and don’t have any knowledge about non-veg food.  Also I hate translating description of something or someone. So bear with me.

Point out the mistakes as usual. Also from now on I will be putting raw link of chapter at the bottom in the TL notes. So if anyone has doubt, they can check raw

Name: Ryuu
Weapon: Axe 『Rex1 Axe』
Skill: 《Step》《Jump》《Forsake》《Detection》《Stealth》《Helm Splitter》《Full Swing》《Force Swing》《Vitality》《Heavy Swing》
Title: 【Low Grade Axe User】

Strength: 123
Agility: 100
Endurance: 58
Stamina: 94
Dexterity: 57


Name: Rin
Weapon: Spear 『Woodpecker Spear』
Skill: 《Step》《Jump》《Forsake》《Detection》《Tri Stab》《Mow Down》《Vitality》
Title: 【Low Grade Spear User】

Strength: 101
Agility: 107
Endurance: 50
Stamina: 83
Dexterity: 110


After returning back to town, we celebrated at the Inn. We were discussing future plans while eating dishes which Rin had cooked.

“Both of you have levelled up considerably and I think this much would be enough for you to be invited to a Party. You could look for someone looking to Party in the Bulletin Board. Thank you for everything till now.”
“Thank You Very much.”

The two of them bow their head down together. As expected, I feel uneasy by being thanked in this way. While not minding about it, I return to taking a bite of shrimp tempura. The crispy texture on the surface was the best. I energetically eat the tail while putting some salt on it. The two of them were surprised after looking at me eat the tail. The tail was usually left behind while eating. The Tail was delicious you know.

“What will Akatsuki-san do from now on?”
“Well, I would go to a high-level area for now and also look for my imouto too.”
“Is that so….? Please be careful…..”

Even if I said high-level area, I intend to go till eighth area only. While checking the strength of the monster’s, I would search for Shiori. She wouldn’t be in low-level areas like 《Wild Forest》 or 《Dino Jungle》. I should aim for more higher levels. But even if she’s alive, I don’t know what I would do or say after meeting her. I do hold some grudge about being abandoned. I don’t need to worry about such things before actually meeting her. I can think of what to say after I meet her.

Afterwards, we returned to our own rooms, took a shower and hit the bed.

By the way, the dishes which were served today were a large number of Tempura dishes starting with Shrimp Tempura as well as dried bonito, seasoned boiled bamboo shoots and miso soup. The Crab tempura was soft and sweet and squid tempura had good texture and was very juicy.
The fried eggplant was soaked in soy sauce. The texture and crunchiness of the boiled bamboo dish were the best. The numerous eggplants in the miso soup were very soft, juicy and delicious.


With this, the Party with two of them was finished from today? I was thinking about Ryuu and Rin while laying on Bed. To be honest, it’s impossible for us to be in a Party like this all the time. I would like to go to the upper areas but I was worried about two of them. If they made a mistake like today then they would die…….. Ryuu was reliable and Rin was doing her best too but they could not survive with that alone. Since I am registered as a friend, I could talk to them anytime I want to. Therefore, I could immediately go to help them, but I would probably be late before I could even reach them. Even so, I have to look for Shiori.

I breathed out a sigh after tossing about in Bed. What should I do?

Someone knocked the door. Was it Ryuu? When I gave permission to enter, the door slowly opened. It was Rin who came in. Rin came towards me while looking down. I who was lying down, got up and sat on the bed and urged Rin to sit on the bed.

“What happened?”

Since Rin was silent after sitting on the bed, I spoke out first.

“Aa…, Ano……..”

Rin hesitated while speaking.

“Could you always stay together with me……..?” (TL: IT’S HERE!!! FINALLY SOMETHING AFTER 32 CHAPTERS!!!)

Rin looked at me with upturned and moistened eyes. Stop it. Don’t say that. I have to go look for Shiori. Don’t hold me back.

“For a long time, It’s just been me and Onii-chan only. Therefore I would feel relieved if Akatsuki-san would be there too……..”

With that, Rin became silent again. Rin would always act tough in front of Ryuu, however, It seems that she had this side of her too. But, I couldn’t say yes to her. The reason was Shiori.

“I’m Sorry”

I hugged Rin and caressed her head. Her hair felt slightly wet. That reminds me, I often used to dry Shiori’s hair with dryer when she was small. Rin seemed surprised at being hugged like this and trembled. Ara……. Though I hugged her because the atmosphere seemed so, but it looks like she didn’t like it? I don’t understand it well enough since I didn’t have any experience with women before but It would be better to separate from her….. I tried to slowly separate from Rin who was in my embrace.
[TL: WOW!! So you first reject her then, but then you embrace her!! On top of that you think of some other woman while doing so!! SOME BRAIN YOU GOT THERE!!]
ED: Thats how all riajus think


When I tried to separate from her, she embraced me and glued her body on mine. Ooh!!……. Was I allowed to hug you? So it was all good. I got a little impatient. Her face was buried in my chest. Although Rin was an eighth grader, still my heart was skipped a beat. No, It’s not like I am a lolicon. Then I hugged Rin while stroking her head for a while. The sweet fragrance of her hair made my heart pound. [ED:Check, call 911] I wonder why all girls smell so good. Shiori did too. I doubt that any man could smell this good. It was said that a girl’s body was soft, It’s certainly true. I guess body of a man was hard because of muscles. Rin’s body seemed soft as a pillow. I unconsciously grab hold of her stomach2  skin?




Rin leaked out a shriek. Wait! It seemed interesting, so I did it again.


After doing this for a while, the Ryuu who came to check how things were going found out about this and became angry. He was just giving a smile, which didn’t seem like a smile. It was very scary.

TL Notes:

1. Rex means literally ‘king’ in Latin.

2. He pinched the stomach skin of Rin something like that. How he did so, imagine it yourself. I am appalled by the fact that of all the places he could find, he chose stomach. I MEAN HE COULD REALLY HAVE TOUCHED HER ANYWHERE!!

3. Raw

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