Chapter 29

Hi guys. My apologies for posting the chapter so late. I was busy with university work so I didn’t get time to translate the chapter. I didn’t even play any games for 3 weeks. I am feeling tired. Hence, This will be the final chapter of the week. Continue reading

New Project

Hi everyone, KuroOuji78 here. I normally edit the chapters here and translate only when @humbletroll is busy.

So, here is the announcement. We have formed an alliance with Mofumofu Translation  and three other groups to translate Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut. Read this for more details.

The schedule and date of release has not yet been decided , so stay tuned for any other news.  But since we kinda have our hands full with various things right now, the releases will begin most probably around mid March.



Chapter 26

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Chapter 25

So guys as I promised here is the chapter. This will be our first chapter of the blog.  It took us a lot of time and all of us gave our best. There will be mistakes so please give us suggestions in comment section to improve the quality. Well our original plan got derailed but we might still have some surprises for you all. And without further ado here’s the Chapter :

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