Blade Online

                     《Blade Online》


 Copied from daike1234 so credits to him


The world first’s VRMMO 《Blade Online》service begun, around 30 thousand players started to play. What awaits to those players is a death game which impossible to logout. Though hikikomori youth, Akatsuki, is one of the players who set out to conquer the death game, deserted by his companion because of using a failure weapon. Furthermore, being transferred an area where high-level monster dominate due to a bug and ――!?

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Chapter 1-24 (Translated by daike1234)

Chapter 25 (Direct Link)

Chapter 26 (Direct Link)

Chapter 27 (Direct Link)

Chapter 28 (Direct Link)

Chapter 29 (Direct Link)

Chapter 30 (Direct Link)

Chapter 31 (Direct Link)

Chapter 32  (Direct Link)

Chapter 33 (Direct Link)

Chapter 34 (Direct Link)

Chapter 35 (Direct Link)

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

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