Chapter 30

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A large amount of skeletons started to emerge from the ground. Front, back, right, left, they were flooding in from all the directions. Individually, they were easy to deal with but it was troublesome since they were in such large numbers. I knocked down the skeletons upfront using《Void Slash》to let Ryuu and Rin go ahead and face against a Skeleton. I cut the approaching skeleton using《Rift Slash》and its head fell on the ground while making a dry clattering sound.

It’s better not to confront them directly like it was written on the bulletin board. Even though for the sake of earning XP, this would be too much of a pain. Six people were required to farm XP here, or so it was written, but I didn’t think that it would be really true.
After clearing them up a bit, I went towards Ryuu and Rin who were waiting up for me up ahead. Rin asked with a worried expression.

“Are you okay?”
“I’ m all right. No problems.”

Almost none of my HP was shaved off by the enemy’s attacks. Rin and Ryuu seemed to used the recovery drug and stamina potion as their HP and stamina were full.
“We finally covered half of the grave. The Ghosts and Bone Knight start appearing beyond this point. Keep your guard up and don’t be careless. “


Still, there were a tremendous number of graves up ahead. Even after we had moved so much, we still reached only halfway. 30,000 graves huh? No names were engraved on the tombstones placed here. They were just stones.

After advancing for a while, a blue hand suddenly protruded out from a gravestone. It moved towards Rin. Ryuu swung his axe before I could make a move. The blue hand suddenly disappeared as the axe hit it. At the very next moment, a scream came out of the tombstone from where the blue hand protruded which made me want to close my ears.
Rin started trembling due to fear…… soo cute.

The scream stopped after a few seconds. A semi-transparent blue body suddenly emerged from the grave. It was a ghost, having long slender arms and face distorted with pain. Looking at it, I felt unreasonably ill. *auaaa* Rin said while trembling. Ryuu observed the ghost calmly without changing his expression. To not to react to these disgusting looking fellows, as expected of Ryuu.

*ooooooo* The ghost sprang up while groaning in a low voice. Damn! , why were so many monsters attacking us simultaneously in this area. I pierced the face of a ghost who was attacking from my right. There was no response, but the ghost screamed like the earlier one a while ago and disappeared. With this, seems like it was defeated. I decided to knock down several ghosts whose hands were reaching out using 《 Light Square 》and advanced quickly. Ghost attacks were troublesome.

“Rin! Under your feet!”

Suddenly, Ryuu yelled about something towards Rin. Under her feet? Looking under her feet, there was a small blue button on the ground. It looked like that Rin did not understand exactly what Ryuu was saying and stepped on the button while piercing a ghost with a spear. Shit! I avoided the ghost attack by lowering my stance and ran towards Rin at full speed.

I made it in time. I frantically pushed away Rin before she could step on the button . Rin collided against the gravestone heavily and lost a little HP. I managed to protect Rin but in the process I stepped on the button. At that moment, many spears suddenly flew in from all the directions and stabbed me. A quarter of my HP was reduced.

“Urgghh!!” (TL : MC grunting after being stabbed)

The spears pierced my armour. The sensation of pain that I felt in the spot where spear stabbed me was of both burning and freezing at the same time. I couldn’t stand it and collapsed on my knees. I heard the shout of Rin and Ryuu but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. I wasn’t able to think of anything due to the pain. After a while, the spears became a ball of light and disappeared. However, the pain still remained.

While I waited for the pain to subside, the ghosts attacked me. Several ghosts threw themselves onto me as I couldn’t move my body. There was no physical damage but my whole body felt a freezing sensation. They were continuously attacking over and over again. What were the siblings doing? The moment the Ghost passed through my body, my vision started to distort. My head got hot and I didn’t know what I was doing. Not good. I feel nauseated. Shit! Am I confused? I got dizzy and couldn’t stand up . A cold sensation came from the back of my body and passed thorough my chest.

“Are you okay!?”

All of a sudden, my senses returned to normal and confusion was lifted off. Still, I was not able to get up immediately and seemed to stumble several times before I could finally get up. After Ryu looked at me with a sign of relief , his face became stiff immediately. Rin was fighting the ghosts in the rear. Ryu and I immediately went to the place where Rin was and helped her. It looks like while I was confused, they knocked down a good number of ghosts. There were only five ghosts left.

Rin pierced the face of a ghost with the spear. However it didn’t disappear and while screaming, stretched its arms and tried to catch Rin. Ryuu hammered down his axe on the head and knocked it down. The rest of the ghosts were defeated quickly.

The trap from a while ago shaved off a quarter of my HP even if was equipped with a good level armor. I thought I was going to die. Since my level was high I thought that it would have been difficult for the enemy’s attack to give me an abnormal condition but I was unlucky this time. I wish I had a luck title. Maybe if I had a 《 Good Luck 》 then I might not have got the abnormal status. But, from what I read it is a very rare skill and it may not even work against abnormal conditions.

Rin approached with a crying face.

“A-, ano…..”

“Tell me at the next resting point, It’s dangerous to talk here.”

I interrupted Rin and went ahead. Ryuu silently patted Rin and both of them followed me. You have a very good elder brother, Rin.

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