Chapter 37

Translator : humbletroll

Editor         : HDGGXIN

Very creepy chapter I would say. I would recommend  people having phobia to read chapter at their own risk and don’t try to imagine the monsters in your head. Not our fault if you drop dead. Well jokes aside, never thought MC would be so much troubled in this chapter lol.
Well this chapter was quite difficult  to translate specially in the ending paras. So I point out the mistakes and suggestions are welcome.

An ordinary forest.
Several green leafy trees were growing which blocked the sunlight due to which it was dim inside the forest. It was similar to《Wild Forest》and《Bloody Forest》. It was same as the forest of the real world. But why? I felt sick from the moment I entered this forest. I got goosebumps on my skin in a way that it felt like something was crawling on my whole body.
The sound of leaves swaying in air felt unpleasant
My body did not accept this forest. Physiologically.

“This is……”

Rin looked around the forest restlessly while looking pale and hugged her body with her own hands. Rin too felt something from the atmosphere of this forest.
No other party members seemed to feel anything except me and Rin. Ryuu had his usual expressionless face, Kokku had a clear smile and the remaining three people had an ordinary expression.

Rin exchanged looks with me, having a face saying「Really?」.
How come everyone else was fine…..? Something’s strange here. I have a bad feeling.

“A little further ahead monsters would start coming out, so be careful.”

Kokku said this to three of us who entered this forest for the first time.
We advanced by cautiously stepping on the muddy ground while paying attention to the surroundings. 《Bloody Forest》 had tense and nervous atmosphere afloat but a disgusting atmosphere was drifting in this place. I didn’t think much about the darkness in the 《Bloody Forest》, but the darkness here was creepy.

We avoided the vines running along the grounds and advanced while carefully stepping on the muddy ground.

“It’s here”

Smart-san murmured while looking ahead. *thud-thud* A dragging like sound was getting close to us from the front. Everyone readied their weapons.
A huge centipede arrived in front of us. The HP bar and name was floating above its head.

Dividing Centipede
A red-black thick, long body with orange-like tactile organs, pink-colored joints, dozens of slender legs and two sharp tail at the end.

It’s moving with  [shakashaka] sound. It’s disgusting to see it moving its legs and approaching us while swaying its body.
“Hii.!!!” Rin too became pale.

“Careful, it would split!”

Dividing Centipede threw itself on Kakehi-san who was talking and leading the charge. Kakehi-san didn’t flinch and swung his axe and cut the centipede. It’s HP reduced to half —— No, it divided into two—–!?

When looked at the centipede closely, its size became half and split into two. HP too became half of what it was in the beginning.
The divided centipedes raise up themselves and sprang up on Kokku and Kakehi-san. Both of them, without changing their expressions, dodged centipede’s attack by bending their body sideways. To the body of centipedes which were full of openings, Kokku stabbed one with a spear and Kaekhi-san swung down his axe onto the other. The two attacks hit.

The centipedes split from 2 into 4 bodies, and one of it, now the quarter of its original size, slipped through the opening between Kokuu and Kakehi-san and was jumping at me. The centipede’s gigantic mouth was approaching.

I reflexively struck tachi into centipede’s mouth. *Kuchu* A disgusting feeling was transmitted through the tachi. My whole body got goosebumps. Centipede twisted and wriggled its body in suffering for a while till its HP became 0 and disappeared after becoming a grain of light. Apparently, It could only split into four. Remaining centipedes were also successfully knocked down by other party members. Kokuu pierced one of them, Kaniya-san cut one’s face with 2 consecutive slashes and Ryuu pulverized its head with the axe. The centipedes moved their legs in a bizarre way while wriggling in suffering and disappeared after becoming grains.
Centipedes life force was strong……… I endured the scene of other monsters suffering till they became grains of light and disappeared. Disgusting…….. “Rin are you OK….?”

Ryu had worried look with his mouth agape while stroking the head of trembling Rin.
The centipede was very disgusting……. I could sympathize with her.
This place was hell for me and Rin who hated insects.
Be it the case of me being blown away by their exploding bodies like a suicide bomber when their HP reduced to the red zone, or Rin making an uproar because of being covered by bodily fluids of huge caterpillar crawler after defeating it or me being entwined by a metal earthworm, It was indeed hell.

Still, I somehow managed to move while knocking them down. It’s good that these monsters can be dealt with a single blow, though they looked very disgusting.

“We’ll soon be at Creepy Worm’s place. Good luck both of you”

Kaniya-san said so to me and Rin while being exhausted. Creepy Worm.

Was it really a huge human caterpillar…..? I want to return already……..
All the party members including Ryuu looked ok and calm, while only I and Rin looked dead tired. How could they remain so calm after looking at those insects?


Kokuu stopped moving and readied his spear. I too stopped beside Kokuu and stood ready with vigilance. I got a response from the skill 《Detection》. Five monsters were approaching here from the front.

A huge mosquito with a harsh buzzing sound appeared. Its name was Giant Mosquito. Its mouth which it used to suck blood was as big as a sword, one would easily die if it sucked their blood.

Giant Mosquito’s movements were very agile and flew towards us with a zigzag pattern. It’s fast, but too slow in comparison to dash attack of a fast horned rabbit. I haven’t fought against any fast opponent recently. Should I brush up my battle senses a bit?

I rushed ahead of Kokku and others and approached the giant mosquito myself. The mosquitoes targeted me and altogether rushed at me while sticking out their sharp mouth.

I dodged the mouth of two mosquitoes from left and right while accidentally slashing the body of one of them.With only a single strike, its HP becomes 0 and it disappears. One down.
Then one sprang up to pierce my head with its mouth. I step back, avoided it while I grasped its mouth and stuck it into the ground then flung it towards the one behind my back. Both of them got blown away and fell to the ground. Then, I stabbed and skewered mosquitoes with tachi and knocked them down. Two left.
Becoming cautious after seeing their companions being killed, the Giant Mosquitoes stopped attacking and two of them started fly around me in the air as if to surround me.
A black shadow flew into my vision. At first, one of them plunged from the front at me. It’s a feint. Thanks to ≪Foresight≫, I knew where the attack was coming from. The real one would be coming later, diagonally from behind.


I nimbly jumped overhead the two of them in the air. Since the target has disappeared, Both of the giant mosquitoes get skewered by each others mouth. I dropped down there and sliced them with tachi. Their HP became 0.

Like this, they were finished.
When looking back at the party members, they looked at me with a shocked expression. What?

“Akatsuki, you, I thought about it during the match too, but your speed seems to be unusually high……..”
Kokuu commented with a stiff expression.
Well… While training in a cave, when you come across monsters and have to constantly avoid their attacks, then you would be able to do this naturally.
Maa, I couldn’t avoid Kokuu’s thrusts when he used his skill though. Even after seeing everything with ≪Foresight≫, I wasn’t able to do anything.

“Come on, Let’s quickly defeat the human caterpillar and take a break.”

TL Notes:
1 Well the raw is this よっと. It translates into “yotto” which means yacht. Maybe author made mistakes or maybe some other meaning. If anyone has any other suggestion, give so.


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