Chapter 36

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The next day, we gathered at the centre of the city and were discussing what we do now.

Before putting out an application to join 〈〈Ouroboros〉〉, Kokuu first said that he would form a party with us and try to capture some area.

It was to gauge our abilities and whether we were cooperative and trustworthy.

Judging by our levels, the area he chose was the Sixth area’s clearing zone 〈〈Worm Forest>>. Sixth area instead of Fifth. recommended level was 29-35. Ryuu and Rin had the required level. Although their levels were sufficient, but just barely. They would die instantly if they were careless.

I suggested Kokuu to go to Fifth area instead of Sixth, but he rejected by saying “Nothing bad would happen since we are here and besides Fifth area was too easy.”

The words “fifth area was too easy” caught my attention so I asked him questions regarding how easy it was. It seemed that area would become a lot wider starting from the 6th area. To be precise, it took a whole day to grasp the area boss’s location and clear the area. There were some spots to take rest on the way so we would rest there for a while before proceeding. There were many cave location similar to 〈〈Bloody Forest〉〉.

We discussed what we were going to do and joined Kokuu’s party. I should introduce the names and status of party members. I could see the status of the members to some extent.


Name: Kokuu [Party Leader]
Lv 63
Weapon: Spear『Inverted Spear/Karma』

Name: Kaniya [Sub Leader]
Lv 54

Weapon: Dual Swords『Dorcus Hopei
Name: Smart

Lv 51

Weapon: One-handed Sword『Tears』, Shield『Stary eyes

Name: Kakehi
Lv 50
Weapon: Axe『Barbarian’s Axe』


Kokuu’s level was exceptionally high. Other guys were Level 50 and above. Everyone seemed to have sufficient strength. With this lineup, we could easily clear 〈〈Worm Forest〉〉 while covering Ryuu and Rin.

Kaniya-san seemed to be someone in his twenties, with only distinct feature about him might be how short he was. Whenever he talked to me it ended up in the form of him looking up at me, which for some reason kinda ticked me off. How do I put this, but his face had a sorta smug look, the kind you’d find as an emoji.

Smart-san was similar to his name, thin. I thought that he was about the same age as Kaniya-san. His body was thin and tall. By the way, he was a man.

Kakehi-san was a middle-aged man who wore glass and head was a little bald. He was thin, not as much as Smart-san, but somewhat weak. His movements were twitchy and gay-like which made me feel slightly unpleasant.

I called these three people with honorifics but didn’t do so with Kokuu. Why? Because he was Ikemen!

Afterwards, we transferred to 〈〈Worm Forest〉〉 using warp gate.
The impression 〈〈Worm Forest〉〉 gave off was exactly Kaniya-san described it to be during the transfer.

As its name suggested, 〈〈Warm Forest〉〉 was an area where insects appeared. It was better to ready the recovery items beforehand since there were many monsters with poisonous and paralysis attribute in their attacks. Long ago, when Clearing group entered 〈〈Warm Forest〉〉, It seemed that female players had a phobia of insects and became panicked due to which there were a lot of casualties.

Though it seemed as a story of a foolish person, but it would have been a dreadful thing for the person in question.

It seems that we have to fight the boss monster twice. The first time was against a huge human caterpillar. The Name was Creepy Worm. It looked like a huge caterpillar with a human face and two arms attached.

Pretty disgusting……

Once knocked down, It would escape to innermost parts of the area and fight there. At that time, is is supposed to evolve from a caterpillar into a butterfly . The name would change to Creepy Butterfly. Huge human butterfly. We should be careful as it seems that It scatters scales from wings which would poison or paralyze us.

However, I don’t need to worry about it since I have 〈〈Poison Resistance〉〉 and 〈〈Paralysis Resistance〉〉 skills.

By the way, Rin’s face became very pale after hearing this. Not only ghosts but you also dislike insects? Maa, I don’t think there were many girls who were fond of insects.

Incidentally, I also hated insects. A long time ago, I tried to throw away a bug that was in my room with a tissue and flush it down the toilet but it got crushed when I used too much power, from that day on I didn’t come to like bugs. I still couldn’t forget the feeling of crushing its body.

Would I really be alright with such a condition. I felt slightly uneasy……

TL Notes:

1大鍬形Ookuwagata》 Dorcus is a genus of beetles in the family Lucanidae (stag beetles). Google it if you want to know more.
2 Smart=《スマートsumato》. Sumato can be used for slim or thin. That’s why its written “similar to his name.”
3 Tears= 《ティアーズTiazu
4 Stary Eyes =《スターアイズsuta-aizu
5 Creepy Worm =《クリィーピィーワームkuriipiwamu
6 Creepy Butterfly =《クリィーピィーバタフラkuriipibatafura》。

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