Chapter 35

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Honestly, I couldn’t trust this guy. Though I am only one who thought this, but this man had a very bad personality.
When I was perplexed as to how to reply, Rin opened her mouth.

“Wasn’t Akatsuki-san was looking for his Imouto?  I think it would be easier to find her if you put a search request in Kokuu-san’s guild”
“Imouto-san? Hmmm…. If that’s the case then our guild 《Ouroboros》would be perfect as you can obtain a lot of information. Besides, I have a good standing in the guild… If you form a party with me then I would put up the request for you, so how about it? ”

This would make it easier to find Shiori.

This was an attractive offer. Although I don’t know much, but《Ouroboros》should be a pretty big guild. It would be easier to find her in several ways, if I joined the guild then it would become convenient in many ways and I could get information which was more accurate than bulletin boards.

It could easily search for my imouto and also join the top guild which players yearn for. I could not think of any reason to refuse. But I don’t want to work among so many people. Also, there would be some rules and restriction imposed by the guild.

Freedom or imouto, what should I choose?

Well, the answer was easy.

I chose Shiori.

“Ok, understood. Let me join your party. “

When I said that, Kokuu stretched out his hand while putting up a fake refreshing smile. He wanted to shake hands. But I don’t hold it and continued speaking.
“Not only me, but I also want them to join too.”

Ryuu and Rin looked surprised when I said so. I heard them saying “why?” Well you see, even though it was a short friendship, but it was not that shallow that I would abandon them so easily.
“…….. Unn. 《Ouroboros》always short on people. I also want these children to join us by all means. Etto, what are their names.”

“Ryuu and Rin.”
“I see, Ryuu-kun and Rin-Chan. I wonder if you both want to become my companion?”
When Kokuu talked to both of them, Ryuu and Rin were looked at me as to ask for my opinion. I nodded.

「「Yes! Please.」」


After that, we registered as friends, and agreed to gather at the center of the town at nine o’clock tomorrow morning and went our own way.
After returning to hotel, I looked into those fellows while the dinner was being cooked.
Kokuu, also known as 《Lance Knight》.

He played an active role in the last event and was given a nickname (Title). It seemed that his appearance of defeating enemy by wielding the spear was very popular among girls and they always wished for such handsome man to protect them, hence his nickname《Lance Knight》. Although his second name《Comet》was derived from his finishing move《Comet Impact》, he was better known as his nickname《Lance Knight》due to the female players.

Member of guild 《Ouroboros》. After joining the guild, his level increased at an unbelievable rate and was now said to be a candidate for Executive position in《Ouroboros》.

His combo of ≪Beehive≫and ≪Comet≫ was very powerful.

He defeated title holder 《Dog Knight》 belonging to guild ≪Azure sword≫ in an inter-Guild event.

“Should I check up on ≪Azure sword≫ just in case?”

≪Azure sword≫. The top three brass such a big guild were Title Holders. There were two sub-masters.

The guild master was Ruri. Nickname was also ≪Ruri≫. The sub-master was Ken Dog, also known as ≪Dog Knight≫ and the other sub-master was haraa-san, also known as ≪Flabby≫.

Ruri was the founder. It was unknown when the guild was formed but ≪Ruri≫,≪Dog Knight≫ and ≪Flabby≫ were powerful people in the clearing group.
“They have nothing to do with this. Now should I investigate about《Ouroboros》?”

《Ouroboros》. It was comparable to a big guild like ≪Shining Light≫. The guild master was Kiryuu, nickname ≪Hydra≫. And the sub-master is ≪Perfect Wall≫. There nicknames were unknown since they didn’t participate in any event.
Kiryuu established it about three months after the game started. There were lot of players of《Ouroboros》in the clearing group. There were more than 10 people including title holders like guild master Kiryuu《Epicenter》, guild executive《Head Reaper》and Executive Candidate《Lance Knight》. They often fought against the PK guild《Ghoul》but there was no conclusion to it till now.


Since《Ouroboros》was a big guild then I could trust it. However, not all guild members would be trustworthy. I don’t know whether Kokuu is a good guy or not.
One should not trust their companions so easily. If one relaxes too much in this world, then there would be no tomorrow.

After investigating, I found that Kokuu was famous and didn’t seem suspicious… I guess so…..
Ah well. Normally I wouldn’t join《Ouroboros》.The only thing that I need was the information on Shiori and quickly get out of here. I don’t like working in groups. Besides that I have to make sure that Ryuu and Rin be safe.
Maa, As Kokuu said, like this it would be helpful to find Shiori, so I would take advantage of it as much as I could.

“Dinner’s ready”

I heard Rin’s voice. Apparently it seemed she finished cooking. Well, I guess I should investigate more after eating dinner? It’s no longer a farewell party.
I’m going to skip the story where Ryu and Rin (insistently) expressed their gratitude, which left me mentally tired.

TL Notes :

1 Executive means leadership position in an organisation, group or company.
2 《犬騎士ドッグナイト》(ドッグナイト).
3 《瑠璃》
4  はらーさん
5 《ふにゃふにゃ》
8《震源地》Epicenter here means that he’s the leader of the group and the group is based around him.

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