Chapter 34

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It was quite difficult to translate the gag situations so there will be mistakes in it. Also somethings were difficult to comprehend. I am not very good at translating these things. Please bear with me and give your suggestions to make it better.

The Next day.

On Rin’s suggestions, I decided to relax myself and take it slow for today. I had been fighting in the capture area all the time recently. I guess, It wouldn’t be bad to take a little rest for a while. Tomorrow, after parting with two of them, I went to a different area.

After having eaten natto miso soup, rice and fried egg that Rin made for breakfast, we decided to go for shopping to the city together. It was decided that the menu of today’s dinner would be left to Rin. For a long time, I have been asking her to make Japanese food. It would have been a bad thing to say if they liked western-food. I handed over 300,000 tails to Rin for meals.She replied that  she doesn’t need such things while panicking. But I forced her to take it. They didn’t have any money problems but its a substitute for a farewell gift.

First of all, we decided to buy armor and weapons for both of them in the town. We entered a big blacksmith shop which was run by a player. The two decided to make armor with material obtained in the 〈〈Undead Carnival〉〉.

Blacksmithing is quite complicated. Even if one uses same material to make same thing, it’s not necessary that it would be same as other player. The higher the skill of the player, the better is the quality but what kind of thing would be made depends upon luck. From common armor which even an amateur could make to an extremely rare armor in this world, all depend’s on one’s luck.

First was Ryuu :
Skeleton’s bone x10
Skeleton’s skull x10
Skeleton’s arm x10
Cloth of Ghost x10
Skull of Bone Knight x2
Piece of Bone Knight’s armor x4
Cursed Bone’s of Large Bone spider x4
Chelicera of the large bone spider x1

We handed over these materials to the staff of the blacksmith shop to make armor and weapons. It seemed that it would take about hour to complete. It looks like the time it takes for blacksmiths would vary depending on their skill and rareness of the weapon and armor being made.

Next was Rin’s turn :
Skeleton’s skull x10
Skeleton’s arm x4
Bone warrior’s collarbone x4
Bone Knight’s skull x2
Ghosts’s tears x1
Large Bone Spider’s Cursed Bone x3
Large Bone Spider’s Skull x1
Large Bone Spider’s Chelicera x1

We handed these over to the blacksmiths. This too would take around 1 hour. Two hours in total. Seem’s ok. We left the blacksmith shop and decided to buy other things.

By the way, the Ghost’s tear which Rin had, was an extremely Rare Item (Rare Rare item). I too had 4…….

I would go to some item shop which were run by an NPC, sell unnecessary items and restock on consumable items such potions. The Items sold in the shops increases with the development of area. I saw on the Bulletin Board that something like enhanced versions of Potions were currently on sale in the upper area. I’m excited about how does the new item work. I decided to buy Life Candy and Stamina Candy which tend to recover HP and stamina little by little when used.

After that, we went to the store where cooking items were sold and had Rin buy ingredients for today’s dinner. We decided to go to a nearby restaurant opened by a player.

The restaurant looked similar to a family restaurant and interior looked like it too. We were guided by a waiter towards the seat and choose a dish from menu. Ryuu ordered Tyranno Steak- grilled meat of the boss of second area ,rice and drinks form drink-bar. Rin ordered Hungry Salad- a salad made from the leaves of boss of first area and Bloody Pasta – a Pasta that utilized the blood of the zombie corpse from this area and drinks. Ryuu’s order aside, Rin’s order were……… can she really eat something made of hungry tree and zombie…… shouldn’t parts of a dead body be used to make amours rather than as ingredients in a dish . Although I thought like that, but I myself loved these kind of strange dishes. I ordered bloody zombie steak – flesh of a zombie corpse as well as hungry salad, same as Rin, and drinks from drink bar.

*pin-pom* I called out the waiter whose name I don’t know with the call bell. “Somehow the word reservation appeared in my head” or so Ryuu said but I ignored him. Reservation policy is a pretty old thing but looks like he knows it well…

 I poured myself a drink from the drink bar before the dish was served.

“What’s that…..”

In the drink bar, there were familiar drinks such as cola and orange juice and unfamiliar drinks such as lucky juice and polo juice. I thought of eating the fruit that I brought from forest with juice, so I tried out lucky juice as a test. A yellow liquid was poured out in the cup. By the way, Ryuu had orange juice and Rin had poroporo juice. There were times when Ryuu seemed cool and sometimes childish….. sort of cute…. No, I am not a shotacon.

We returned to our tables, made a toast and drank our juice.


This was a new taste. What a bittersweet flavour, even so it easily slips down the throat.
At the same time, It feels as if my body was being filled with power.

“Lucky juice was a juice made of seven luck fruits. If you eat 7 luck fruit and the status rises temporarily.”

Ryuu informed us….. Why were you drinking while holding the mug with both of your hands. Are you a kid….? he looked pretty cute. Not that , now I see. Is it because my status rose that I feel my body overflowing with power?

“Rin are you drinking poroporo juice?”
Rin was drinking a light blue drink.

“Uh huh. It’s made of Tears of Brachion. It’s an ingredient extracted from the monster in the second area called Brachion.”

I see. Tears. What kind of taste it would be?

“Rin can I have a sip?”

As it looked delicious, when I asked her to let me have a sip, she seemed somewhat taken a back. No, well since I still had my lucky juice, it would have been troublesome to buy one therefore I wanted a sip……..

“Was it bad?”
“It’s not that I don’t want to particularly but…….”

Rin said something in a low grumbling voice with her head looking downwards while passing over the mug to me.

“Thank You”

Now let’s have a sip…. What’s this….? It tasted like Sports drink with added mild sweetness. However, the aftertaste was refreshing. Pretty good. It felt like my body became lighter.

“Yes. You can move faster after drinking it.”
I see.

I thanked her once again while returning the mug back to Rin. Rin looked at the cup with hesitation and embarrassment for a while, but then made an expression like she had given up and drank the poroporo juice…..This reaction seemed similar to the event of indirect kiss of a heroine in a gal game I played long time ago….. Even though she became embarassed and raised strange voices during yesterday’s affair she did not stop me. No way. It’s impossible to be able to raise a flag with my actions…….

After a while, the dish we ordered was served. Mine and Rin’s steak was making a sizzling sound while being carried over. There was a bright red thick liquid poured on top of my zombie steak. “Itadakimasu” after saying so, three of us took a bite. human steak, has a peculiar chewy texture to it. and that blood on it, it’s tomato flavored. so that zombie is tomato flavored huh….The Hungry Salad was crunchy and delicious. Fumu……. I would like to have some Tyranno Steak and pasta as well.

“Ryuu, Rin, let’s exchange our food”

I cut two mouthful of steak and offered them an exchange. Ryuu nodded and cut a mouthful of Tyranno Steak and gave it to me. Spicy taste. Both pig and cow meat were different, the meat was quite thick and difficult to bite off. I gave him my human flesh steak as thanks. Next was the pasta. Rin please give me some.


Rin’s face was as red as what one would usually see in an eroge. If it was a prevalent thick-headed main character, he would probably say things like ” Your face looks red. Are you ok?”. Since I was hikikimori who had no experience with women. I had no experience of making girls falling in love just by being gentle towards them. To such considerate me, if she must be falling in love with me then I would be bothered and embarrassed you know. Was this an eroge? I don’t know anymore……. I just told her earlier to don’t be bothered about this. As one would expect of a young girl who never had indirect kiss. Uwaa, I really  couldn’t handle women like these. Maa, It’s because I was a hikikomori that’s why……. sorry since I lacked delicacy, I tried to act as gentlemanly as possible and Rin held out fork wrapped with pasta for purpose of feeding me. I see. It really happened. Are you serious?

“Th-Thank You”

Though I said so, why I was being so nervous. I should Eat normally as I do. I gave up alll thoughts and took the bite. It tasted like tomato. Oh, I should also give something to her…….
I held out Zombie Steak while saying ‘aah’. Rin opened her mouth wide open with her eyes closed. Oi, are you telling me to feed it it you….. since there was no helping it I fed her the steak. Then she took the meat pricked with fork into her mouth. Rin chewed it with fork stuck still on it. Seeing that I could not take out the fork out of Rin’s mouth, Ryuu gave a unbelieveable smile. Why such a chaos…….

Two hours pass after such things happened. We go back to the weapons shop and receive the armor and weapons. I took out my money. Both of them tried to pay themselves as they felt bad, but I said that it’s was as a thanks for the cooking and forcibly paid.

Ryuu’s armor was black with evil attached to its name hence 『Darkness Armor』 and weapon was 『Ghost Axe』. Rin’s armor was red with Crimson attached to its name hence 『Crimson Armor』 and weapon was 『Undead Spear』 . Ryuu’s armor had skill 『Confusion Resistance』and Rin’s armor had 『Unyielding』. Rin’s Crimson Armor seems to be much more superior.

“All right, should we walk back home while wandering around neighborhood”

We left the blacksmith shop and walked around the city while entering the shops without anything in mind and killing time just like that. When I got dark, we decided to head home.
When thinking about it later, we should have immediately returned home as soon we obtained the armor.
“Oh, excellent. I did not expect to see you.”

When I turned around to see who called me, it was the 《Spear Knight》 and his five party members that stood there.

“What do you want?”

I asked with a low threatening voice. I don’t like him one bit.

“Well, I have a proposal for you.”

Then the 《Spear Knight》 said

“Enter my party”

Author notes : I would like to try out such a love comedy once.  By the way, Akatsuki often asked Shiori for food exchange.

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