Chapter 29

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There were some sentences which were very complex so my TL quality may be less than usual. Point out if anything sounds wrong.

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Editor : hdggxin, Kuro_Ouji78

I cut down the zombies which were leaping towards me and charged towards the Graveyard. Ryuu and Rin steadily followed me while I defeated the zombie in front of us. Rin, who was screaming last time, was now firmly aiming at the vital points of zombies while having disgusted expression. As for Ryuu, he swung his axe and blew away zombies all together. Ryuu was strong. He calmly perceived everything and acts according to the situation.
Even if he is unable to deal with zombies sometimes, he doesn’t get impatient and occasionally checks up on Rin. Ryuu had improved dramatically. He can become a considerably good player if his level goes up.

……. Although I said such things like I was some big-shot myself, but Ryuu really was strong. Possibly he would have been stronger than me if he was at same level as me…… I felt somewhat annoyed by after thinking this…..

I mince the zombies up ahead using 〈〈Force Slash〉〉. We are now at the spot where the crows emerge. Zombies have also stopped coming a while ago. I cover Ryuu and Rin using 〈〈Void Slash〉〉 and run away from the zombies.

“Fall back”

I watched while taking cover of the building. A large number of crows were flying in the air. I told two of them to fall back and rushed out from the cover. Since we are in a party, therefore, two of them will also receive some experience.But to be honest, the reason for doing I did this was to quickly raise their levels.


I launch 〈〈Void Slash〉〉 in the middle of the black cluster. The crows screamed and scattered. Soon dozens of the body fell down. However, there are still many remaining. The crows plunge towards me like a rocket. They were in vast numbers. It was written on the bulletin board that one should escape instead of facing crows, but this time I consider to knock down them altogether. I also wanted to use that skill.

I didn’t act and let the crows come closer until very last-minute and activated 〈〈Overlay Slash〉〉 just before they hit me. A silvery light enveloped the tachi. Same color as 〈〈Meteor〉〉? How beautiful.

“Haaaaaaaaaa!!”(TL: Something like a battle cry)

I swung my tachi diagonally downwards at high-speed and mow down the attacking crows one after another. Every time I swung , several crows screamed and disappeared. As expected, it has amazing power. Silver Colored meteors rained incessantly and finished off most of the crows. A number of them struck my body with their beaks but I didn’t take much damage. I vaguely1 swung my tachi and defeated them.


Ryuu and Rin jumped out from the cover of the building. Both of them had a flushed face and looked slightly glad.

“Both of us Leveled up!!”
“I gained a new skill!!”

It seems to be because of the experience collected from the crows. Excellent. It seems that quite a good amount of monsters are coming out of the graveyard, so perhaps it may be possible to gain another level by defeating the boss. If you defeat a boss with three people you would receive quite a bit of experience

Judging from the atmosphere, its feels quite creepy. Approximately 30,000 gravestones seem to be put on the bulletin board. wonder how they counted it. One-third of those names seemed to be engraved on the tombstones. It seems that a considerable number of dead people came out in the first place.

“The monsters that would come out from the graveyard are ghosts, skeletons, bone knights and bone dogs. I believe you already know this but there’s a high percentage of getting confused by the ghosts attack. Be careful”



The sound of thunder rumbled when we entered the graveyard. Rain also began to fall though it was light. The 〈〈Undead Carnival〉〉 does tend to have bad weather such as thunderstorm and rain. Lightning and rain were indeed fitting in regards to the setting of a cemetery. Please spare me. Ryuu stuck close to Rin. It’s charming. Since both Ryuu and Rin had a well refined  face they looked like a beautiful couple. In fact, their appearance too didn’t seem to be similar to each other. Damn Ikemens.

A while after advancing, something suddenly sprung out from the ground and grabbed my feet. A Skeleton? In turn, many hands began to spring up from the ground. The ground bulged and a skeleton crawled out. Every bone was yellowed. The hollow eyes were ghastly.

I cut off the skeleton’s arm from my foot and cut off its neck. *rattle-rattle* The skull flew while making a rattling noise and disappeared as a grain of light. Despite becoming panicked due to the appearance of the new monster, Rin crushed the head with her spear. Ryuu knocked down the approaching skeletons calmly. As expected.

“Let’s move!”

I told so to both of them while defeating the few skeletons that blocked the passage and made a way to escape from the zombies from a little while ago and began running. They followed me while blowing away the hands of the skeletons coming from the sides. Many skeletons sprung out from the ground and the required a lot of effort to deal with them. I advance while not dealing with them whenever possible.

After advancing for a while, bone dogs came out this time. Five in total. They were just skeletons shaped like dogs. If It was only this much, then those two should manage somehow.

If I am the only one who’s knocking them down then their XP won’t go up.

“I leave them to you two”

I stepped down. Though they looked surprised but they immediately nodded and pointed their weapons towards the incoming bone dogs. Rin dealt with the approaching bone dogs altogether using 〈〈Toss away〉〉1 skill. 〈〈Toss away〉〉 is a skill in which spear is swung horizontally and causes a wide area shock.Then Ryuu launched 〈〈Full Swing〉〉. Two of the bone dogs were crushed by the 〈〈Full Swing〉〉 and their HP became 0 . Remaining three bone dogs regain their balance and jump towards Rin.

“〈〈Tri Stab〉〉”

The spearhead was thrust into the wide open mouth at high-speed. Instantly, the mouth of the three of them was almost smashed. However, there is a little bit of HP left. Bone Dog mustered last of his remaining strength and tries to attack Rin again but Ryuu gave a decisive blow with the axe from behind. They really were an excellent duo.

Could I become intimate like this way together with Shiori? I wonder.


1 Here vaguely reflects that he just swung his sword in a casual manner. Well they were small fries for him after all.

2 To be honest ‘Mowing’ sounds lame and awful. The raw word is 薙ぎ払う(nagiharau) it translates into ‘to mow down’ hence this. Please give suggestions if anyone can think of something better.

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