Chapter 28

We made mistakes in earlier chapters which were pointed out by AnimeloverN7. Big thanks to him. First was that we nicknamed the MC as 〈〈Lance Knight〉〉 which was actually title of the Spear guy. Second is the title holder. You may have seen we had mentioned  “famous person named Mochi” in earlier chapter. It was a completely wrong translation. It was actually Title Holder (fuatsuna mochi). We made changes in the earlier chapter. Feel free to check it out.

Translated by : humbletroll

Editor : Kuro_Ouji78

I got into the bed and closed my eyes. Today’s incident replayed within my mind. The zombies were pretty scary. Their faces seemed lifeless, shaky footsteps and the arms were stretched out as to grab anything they find. I liked watching zombie movies, but when I saw them on that day, my heart trembled as I wondered if they would come to attack.

I shook off the thoughts about zombie from mind and recalled today’s fight against the 〈〈Lance Knight〉〉. The thrusts which were unleashed at high-speed were really frightening. Even though I had enough power to split open anything, it was useless due to his speed.After a long time, I enjoyed a duel in the game. The sense of tension  was forgotten when you relax and avoid losing the duel by missing the opponents attack by hair breadth. I couldn’t have enjoyed it if there was a risk to my life, but it was a safe duel. It was fun.

If I go to the event, then I might be able to enjoy more such exhilarating experiences. I am really looking forward to it. Next time when that guy uses a combo of rare skills, I will simply use my rare skill 〈〈Reverberation〉〉. I have to be careful while showing it, though it won’t be a problem if I finish the duel in one move.

While I was imagining the future fights that will take place in the event on bed with agony, *knock knock* the door was knocked. I woke up and asked who was at the door. You can lock the door so that someone doesn’t attack you in your sleep. However, since I was unlocking the door so, if I am not careful while opening the door then I might l be killed by an unfamiliar person.

“Akatsuki-san….. Please give me permission to enter”

It’s Ryuu. To be coming at such a time…… I thought about it but then again it wasn’t that late yet. I unlocked the door and told him come inside. The door slowly opened and Ryuu timidly entered the room. I told him to sit on the bed.

“Sorry for disturbing you like this…. actually there was something I wanted to talk to you about….. Rin has already slept.”

Ryuu said so while sitting down next to me.

“Considering today’s situation it seems that area can most-probably be cleared by tomorrow.”

“Oh! Is it something like that?. Going by today’s progress, we can surely break through 〈〈 Undead Carnival〉〉 by tomorrow. I will kick the zombies around and kill the crows using 〈〈Void Slash〉〉 on the way towards the graveyard. Then defeat the ghosts and skeleton soldiers coming out of the graves and defeat the boss, Skull Spider. Yesterday was just scouting so we came back soon, but tomorrow I intend to capture it until the end.”

“Ah….. Probably.”

When I said so, Ryuu laughed wryly.

“I wanted to ask you for a long time, why did you decide to follow me ? You could have stayed in golem mountain since there were fewer groups and open an inn I guess? Wasn’t it better if you lived there safely? ”

“……Certainly we could have lived safely in the golem mountains. We could have led a steady life by earning money through hunting…. But we would have leveled up very slowly if we lived there. I want to become stronger. If possible, I want to always be protected by a strong person like you and live a comfortable life. But I know that can’t rely on you forever.”

“Why are you going this far to get stronger?”

“I told you before…. The guild I belonged was destroyed by a group of PK players. Those people appear in low-level areas and attack people. If we hunt in the golem mountain as it is, then they may attack us again. Therefore I want to become strong enough to fight against them.”

PK players huh…? There was a note written on the bulletin board that the PK players appeared at such-places. It seems that various guilds are cooperating to catch PK players. PK players have also formed their guilds and some of them are famous having name such as 〈〈Ghouls〉〉 and 〈〈Bloody Eyes〉〉.

“There were also rumors that a lot of monsters will be attacking the town during the upcoming event, and since high level players like to show off in front, the low-level players …….”

….. Since the event is only a rumor I should treat it as it is. Though certainly, high level player do like show off in front row. I see……, this is a valid reason to get stronger.

“Umm… Thank You for everything up till now….., I should go back now. Let’s do our best tomorrow.”

“…… uh huh”

Ryuu said so while lowering his head and left the room. He’s indeed a reliable elder brother. I must get a grip on myself too.

There was place called graveyard in this area. It seems that there were tombstones lined up with names of deceased players engraved on it. Since I haven’t been there myself, I don’t fully understand. When a player dies,  people registered in the person’s friend list get notified with location of tombstone. Is Shiori alive? or is her name has been engraved on a tombstone. I don’t know yet but I don’t plan to search for Shiori’s name in the graveyard. It would be better to search in 〈〈Arcadia〉〉 for someone matching her description.

Now then, let’s go to sleep already. When I was in forest I slept as soon as I finished my supper. I already fell into this habit ever since. I closed my eyes again and my consciousness slowly slipped into the darkness

TN : Nothing much to say really. Finally MC going will be going on a full rampage. Next few chapters will be exciting. Look forward to it. But it does it mean more work for us, since its difficult to translate fight scenes.

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 28

  1. As the older brother, of course he’s worried about the survival of the sister who shunned and abandoned him. Even if he thinks she hates him and wants him to disappear, he still worries about her safety.

    … The fact that she might be worried about him is not known by him, and is therefore irrelevant. XP

    Well, thanks for the chapter!

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    • I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic about the first part. I’m an older brother myself, so even if my sister did hate me and shun me, I might be forced to care a little bit about her safety too.

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    • There’s actually a side story before chapter 25 which is from Ryuu’s POV and his thoughts on what happened. Since it didn’t affect the main story in anyway so we started TL from ch25 instead of side story. We plan to translate it soon.


  2. Thanks for the chapter.
    It seems that’s something is missing inside the “” on this phrase: “Going by today’s progress, we can surely break through ” by tomorrow”.

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  3. If possible, I would encourage the translators to make a Next chapter, Table of Contents, and Previous chapter hyperlink at the end of each section- you’ll retain more readers in the long run if they aren’t switching tabs to load the next section constantly.

    All in all, a quality TL. Good luck!

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    • Yeah we were planning to add them soon. Since we only had a handful of chapters so we didn’t think we needed to do that right now. Thanks for your suggestion.


  4. Thank you for the chapter! I wonder if Ryuu and Rin are going to stay with the MC for longer, and if the MC thinks like that, it would be fun for the Lance Knight guy to actually gain a decent personality, and become a sparring partner.

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