Chapter 27

This chapter was translated and edited both by me and the editor (Kuro_Ouji 78) since we were tight on schedule

After I managed to get up and recover myself again, I saw Kokuu smile. Judging from the change of expression from a while ago he was looking down on me after all. I would also get angry if the opponent had gained point on me. But it is difficult to fight someone with a spear. It has a longer reach. Before I could even attack, he would strike me . Even if I was able to avoid it, I would not be able to slip into the gap like a while ago. What should I do?

“Since you managed to get a point over me…. I had to get a little bit serious.”

Kokuu said this while thrusting his spear towards me. I used my tachi to deflect his spear and fell back to get out of his range. The situation was gradually getting worse. Even if I avoid the spear, I have to get close to him to attack. moreover, his speed is really fast. Stabbing at his throat huh..? Ok! Lets give it a try.

Kokuu keeps shuffling at regular intervals and attacking time and time again. I barely avoid it by flying to the side. Using 〈〈Mikiri〉〉 beforehand, I avoid attacks with my tachi along with the physical ablity. The attacks were surely fast but I think I could avoid them if I tried to. The story would be completly different if I used my skills.I faced the spear and fixed my gaze on it as it approached me and leap sideways as it nearly hits my body. I doged his attacks approximately for ten more times and kept stabbing at him. I could see Kokuu getting irritated during the exchange of attacks. It is almost time.


I wait until the right moment to leap towards him and separate my right hand from the sword while turning my body slightly to the left and attack with only my left hand. One handed slash. I glanced sideward to confirm that the spearhead’s location as it grazes my left shoulder and move forward. The edge of the sword connects to Kokuu’s neck. The sound of breaking glass echos and Kokuu was blown away. As a result, I too lost my balance and fell down.

Kokuu glared at me like a demon(ONI) while holding down his voice. His eyes twitched as he was grinding his teeth as he barely dodged the attack. I thought that this guy was really prideful but I didn’t expect him to show such an expression. So scary…!!

“You will regret making me go serious. ”

While murmuring this, Kokuu activated a skill.


The spear thrusts towards me at an absurd speed. It’s too fast for me to stop it with the Tachi. There were total of ten attacks. I use 〈〈Mikiri〉〉 , 〈〈Heavy Slash〉〉and 〈〈Parry〉〉 to try to evade the attack but it struck me on the neck region, where I previously hit him. Was that a tit-for-tat? Just as I finished using my skill, 〈〈Mikiri〉〉 showed me the next attack that was coming. I used to jump back. But, I was still in the range wasn’t I?

” 〈〈Comet Impact〉〉!”

Kokuu sticks his spear out and starts running towards me. The spear began to shine blue in color. It seemed like a real comet. While leaving a trail of blue light, he approached he. The speed was terrifying. It only took a moment for him, after activating the skill to arrive in front of me. I swung my sword in an attempt to block the attack but I failed. The spear pierced my chest. At the same time the sound of glass breaking echoed out and the words “Your Lost” popped up in my mind.[TN: It was “Your Lost” in the raws too so I decided to leave it at that.]. Damn it! Why could he use the skills in succession? There was nothing I could do after he started using the skill……..

“A monster I defeated in the tenth area dropped this spear. It also gave a rare skill which allows me to use skills consecutively one after the other at the cost of double stamina consumption . So…, awesome right!?”

Kokuu said, with a smile on his face , while looking down on me. This was not a foolish smile like before but a smile that indicated hostility. That was enjoyable. After saying this, he immediately turned around and walked away as if I didn’t even exist. The audience dissolved after they saw that the duel was finished. Rin and Ryuu run towards me, who was on the ground.

“Are you ok!?”

Ryuu grips my hand and helps me get up.

“Sorry. I lost the fight.”
“Well nevertheless, to be able to compete against a Title Holder to this extent is still awesome. Also he’s at level 63 as compared to Akatsuki-san.”
“Moreover the combo of 〈〈Beehive〉〉 and 〈〈Comet Impact〉〉 was Kokuu-san’s sure hit killer technique. For Akatsuki-san to force him to use them was extraordinary already.”

The two of them spoke to cheer up the me who lost. Though I am thankful to them, but I don’t think I lost to him at all. Though he used a rare skill, I did not. If It had been an event I would have won.
I thanked them and decided to return to the Inn.


“I will deal with those crows so both of you step back at that time”

We contemplated today’s event while eating dinner. Though I gathered information before going to the area but It was somewhat insufficient. Let’s investigate a bit more about where do the emerge from.

By the way, today’s supper was beef stew.The light brown roux1 was overflowing with the meat of a monster named Fire ox who spews fire, carrot, onion, potato. Everything was boiled well. Beef was so soft that it viciously melted in my mouth. While its thick but it was very mushy. Carrot and onion were also thick and tasty. I was pleased with the tasty potato. This is the best.

That reminds me , I Immediately looked at what was posted in the bulletin board. [Disguised Tachi user on equal terms with 〈〈Lance Knight〉〉 ], It said. Because there were many eyewitnesses, It’s credibility is said to be high. Maa, since I will be fighting with my full power in the event, therfore 〈〈Lance Knight〉〉 will lose .

We returned to our rooms after finishing our meals. I am staying in a room by myself while Ryuu and Rin have their own. I removed my protective gear to take a shower and decided to go to bed early.

1 Roux is basically a gravy, or sauce, flour and fat cooked together and used to thicken sauces.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. I do like the fact that the author allowed the mc to take a lose and didn’t pull a close or just overwhelming win for the mc so that he become a gary-stu

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    • Yeah well that is one thing about this novel. But there is also one more fact that tachi user are known more for their raw power rather than handling in this game. That’s the jist i got after reading it. Also he is also restricting himself. But yes i do agree with you. We have one gary-stu and that’s enough (Onii-sama😂😂). By the way i do like Mahouka and worship the one and only true god XD

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  2. Thanks for the chapter. Hey when the mc said “Maa, since I will be fighting with my full power in the event, therefore 〈〈Lance Knight〉〉 will win it.” Was that supposed to be ‘therefore Lance Knight will lose. Or was he saying he’d lose in the event against Kokuu.

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    • Nope. It was written in raws like that. I also think this sounded a bit weird. We will recheck again if we missed anything, if not then we will edit to make it more meaningful. Thanks for pointing it out


    • You were right. It was actually that and because of this we realised we have done a big mistakes in earlier chapters. Thank you very much for the heads up. We rectified the mistakes.


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