Chapter 25

Translator : humbletroll

Editor : hdggxin, Kuro_Ouji78


Undead carnival

The sky was filled with dense and huge clouds that there was no sunlight in town. The town seemed gloomy and the NPCs expression also looked somewhat lifeless. It was an eerie town. But still,  the area seemed to be a good place for earning experience and money. Also, fair number of players were present in the area.

“First of all, shall we make reservations at the inn?”

Though, I don’t think there were a great number of players in the area, but only a limited number of players would be able to stay in the inn. It would be very embarrassing if we came back from area and find out that there was no more rooms to sleep in overnight.

Immediately, we entered the nearest inn which looked good. For now, we paid accommodation fees for 1 day to the ojiisan on the counter. With this, we don’t have to worry about inn when we come back.

“It is somewhat creepy place. The NPC also look as if they are dead.”

“Feels gross……….”

While we were moving towards the quest area, the two of them muttered after seeing the state of the town.

“So this is the reason why its called 《Undead Carnival》. It also seems that monsters, zombie and skeletons appear here.”

“uwaa…..I hate zombies.”

Rin’s face became pale after hearing my words. Maa, I also hate fighting against zombies. It seems that there are lots of zombies in this area. Their offensive and defensive stats aren’t that high, but they appear in large quantity. Though the experience that can be gained from a single zombie isn’t high but because they appear in large number it appears to be good for farming. It seems that many players raise XP here by mass exterminating zombies.  But if you are careless, you will be surrounded and eaten to death just like it happens in a movie.

(TL: I used ‘Farming’ here because it seemed more appropriate as he is in a game. Here it signifies collecting XP and raising lvl.)

We finally arrive at the entrance of the area in the depths of the town. Ivy which was coiled around the wooden gate gave a creepy feel. The interior of the quest area couldn’t be seen as it as it was wrapped in darkness.

“Let’s go”


After gulping, we set our foot in the darkness.



Waiting for us inside the area was the something similar to the town which he just had seen a while ago. The wooden buildings and the muddy sky were extremely similar as well. The only difference was that there was no one here. Not only to mention players, but there were no NPCs as well.  This place probably is the ‘Area’ after all. Without saying anything, we nod to each other in agreement and decided to advance.

While walking I felt that the shops and buildings here were placed on same spot as that of the town from a while ago but it was empty. Well in fact, it increased the creepiness more.

After advancing for a little while,  door of a blacksmith shop opened from which a NPC who managed the store came out. His face looked lifeless and pale.  Then as if he signaled, people came out of the neighboring building. A HP bar was floating above their head and their name was displayed as ‘Undead’. Were they the ‘Zombie’ that were mentioned on the bulletin board? Are these the zombies really troublesome?

I prepare my weapon and take a fighting stance. Ryuu and Rin panicked a little while readying their weapons.

“Here they come!”

The zombie who come came out of the blacksmith shop leaped towards us. I almost puked after seeing him drooling from his mouth. It looked extremely disgusting when I saw him up close. Rin screamed while seeing something like this.

I swung my tachi towards its neck and cut its head off. The head fell on the ground the and zombie collapsed. It felt quite grotesque but blood does not scatter like it is shown in movies. The whole body transformed into grains of light and disappears.

“Nooooooo!! Don’t come this way!”

Rin thrusts her weapon into the zombie’s face while raising a disordered scream. As for the weak point of a zombie, it was the head and attacking it at any other part dealt  very small amount of damage. From a little while, I seemed to be only thrusting against its chest and stomach and wasn’t able to kill them at all. Ryuu was absorbed in fighting against zombies which were attacking from rear and didn’t have room to take care of Rin.

“Che~ ,  《 Force Slash 》!”

I cut the zombies which were advancing towards us and opened a path. Earlier when they were flocking towards us from all the sides, we could hardly advance forward.

“Rin, Ryuu Run! Follow me!”

I  instruct both of them before running. Though i don’t know if they understood or not but it was probably okay since both of them answered from behind. I cut off the head of the zombies which were in front of me and advanced forward while pushing the corpses away. As it was written that boss was in some graveyard in northern part of area, so i guess we may reach it if we keep going straight as it is. The were no more zombies attacking us from front. Zombies were only coming from behind.

When I stopped running, I saw Ryuu and Rin blowing away the zombies which were grabbing them from behind and somehow managed to follow me. Usually one enters the condition of being poisoned when bitten by a zombie. But they were bitten several times and had become poisoned  and their HP had become half.

“Come, quickly!”

Two of them shook off the zombies, caught up with me and hid behind me. Both of them took out recovery potion from item box and  swallow it in hurry.  All right, with this there is problem of HP is solved. I feel sorry for the zombies but they will have to become target practice for testing out my new skill. I obtained that skill after knocking down Guruvaijo,  Rift Slash 》. I wonder how’s it different from  Draw Slash 》(Iai Slash) . The explanation give was that it can cut his opponent in a flash.

(TL: In the raws the name of the monster was Guruvaijo and couldn’t understand it clearly hence I just wrote as it is. Same reason for the skill names too. )

《Rift Slash》

 “The moment I call out the name of skill, a blue light to began to encircle me and stopped expanding after 2 meters. It seems like it is not necessary to take a fighting stance to activate the skill.

The moment the zombies entered the circle, my body began to move on its own. In an instant, I moved to the spot where the zombies are and swing my tachi horizontally. It was a series of high-speed movements. The zombies head were cut off.

I see. 《Rift Slash》 is skill that kills the enemy who have entered the circle with a high-speed slash. It’s a useful skill in situations like this when there are many enemies.

Afterwards, we keep advancing smoothly while i killed the approaching zombies using 《Void Slash》 . Though i say smoothly, but because the zombies kept emerging from every direction, it took us a lot of time to advance forward. Though we passed several players on the way, but because non-interference was a mutual agreement that everyone agreed upon so we ignored each other.


Ryuu blew off something with his axe. It was a crow. When I look above, a large number of crows were flying. They aimed at us and came towards in like a rocket. The name of the monster was Rocket Crow. It cetainly sounds right.There were too many of them and we were caught off guard by the direct attack. A sense of pain ran across the whole body. I knew about crow beforehand from the bulletin board but because I was preoccupied with the zombies and completely forget about it. I randomly swung my tachi but the number of crow doesn’t decrease at all.

“Lets Retreat! Use warp rope!”

Though the amount of damage received was little but there are two people beside me. Even if I am equipped with the Giant Golem Armor, the attack of the crows has reached to the level that I can’t receive them. HP was gradually shaved off.


Two of them take out Warp Rope in hurry and use it. A green light engulfed us and we were transferred to the center of the town. Damn, I would be able to easily clear it on my own but because I made promise to both of them, there’s no helping it. Enemy’s war potential made me retreat. I will remember this you damm crows!


“What was that?”

When we returned to the town, we saw that the players had encircled someone and were making lot of noise, especially female players. When the person who was surrounded said something the players made noises…

“What is it I wonder…?”

Ryuu asked. I wanted to hear it too. Which reminds me, it was written on the bulletin board that a Title Holder was going to come to Undead carnival . Perhaps it was him.

“Lets take a look”

I decided to take a look what kind of guy he was. I cut in between the women who were making noise and try to take look at the center. In the middle, was a black-haired Ikemen.

A cool black-haired Ikemen. His entire face looked smart and manly. As for the weapons and equipment, they seem to be quite good.But, What is this? Inside the games too, is it okay for girls to go crazy at Ikemens! (TL: Ikemen means good-looking men, handsome or hunk etc. well you get the point, right?)

“Oh!…..You over there, wait a second.”

The Ikemen who noticed me in between the ladies beckoned me over while floating a refreshing smile. Huh?

“You are the rumored Tachi user mentioned in the bulletin board, right? Did you come over to this town after hearing about me?”

He’s different. This Ikemen was an extremely self-conscious person! Since I couldn’t say this directly on his face , i could do nothing but showed a vague smile. Maa, since I had put up a disguise it doesn’t matter. After looking at each other for a while, my shoulder was tapped from behind. When I turned around, I see Rin who looked flustered and excited.

“Umm… Akatsuki san. That Title Holder, belongs to the lead group Ouroboros!”

Rin probably intended to whisper in low voice but it seemed that the Ikemen heard Rin properly and floated a smile.

“So you do know about me, young lady. Fufufu∼ Thank You”

Rin blushed after hearing those words and somehow was able to restrain herself from being unsteady. What is she doing, that girl……..

“Now then Tachi user-kun. Won’t you have a match with me? I heard a story about you knocking down the Giant Golem. I was interested in your peerless tachi ability. To meet you here by chance, I really wish to have a duel against you.”

The Ikemen said so with a floating smile. He seems to be annoying. I think to my self that i can’t lose to him. Very well. I, the strongest tachi user shall become your opponent.

“Indeed. It’s good, I too wanted to fight against a Title Holder.”

Thanks to the disguise my words looked very good. My voice became deep and It was quite cool, i think.

“That’s excellent. My name is Kokuu, best regards. As for my IGN….” (TL: IGN is short form for In Game name)

The moment the Ikemen, Kokuu said this「Title Holder opened up in midair front of me.

“〈〈Lance Knight〉〉 My best regards” [EN: Don’t know why but even in the raws it was 《槍騎士ランスナイト》a.k.a rance/lance knight]

He said so with confidence.

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